7 Reasons Boys Must Understand Godly Masculinity

7 Reasons Boys Must Understand Godly Masculinity

1.  Because God’s fundamental creation calling for men and women is different. Although man and woman are both called to exercise dominion (develop culture) over the earth and develop the earth’s potential, they are called to different, complementary roles.

Men are called to:  a) provide what is necessary spiritually and physically for those around them to flourish (Gen 2:14 avad), b) protect those around them from physical and spiritual harm (Gen 2:14 shamar), c) take the initiative to love and lead their families (Gen 2:18-24), d) inner strength (1 Kings 2:2-3, 1 Cor 16:13).

Woman are called to:  a) be a necessary ally (Gen 2:18 ezer), b) nurture life (Eve is called to mother of all living things Gen 3:20), c) the character and skills for awesome home management (Prov 31:10-31), d) inner beauty (1 Pet 3:3-4).

2. Because many influencers of Western culture are seeking to eradicate gender differences. Our children are growing up in a culture that accuses as sexist all who dare to discuss male/female differences. The deconstruction of God’s design of humans as “male and female” is a central part of pop culture. Unconsciously, the rising generation is being squeezed into the world’s mold, confused about gender, and put on the defensive about biblical gender roles.

3.  Because every boy wants to be manly. Not only that, but most of us are insecure about our manhood. No boy I know wants to be accused of being feminine. If you doubt that, just think about how you felt the last time your wife asked you in public to hold her purse for her!  It’s been said that there are 3 kinds of dads: uninvolved dads, involved dads, and strategic dads. Being involved is foundational, but there is a higher level to strive for. Strategic dads build on their son’s innate desire to be manly and steer that desire towards godly manhood.

4.  Because confident, godly manhood is the foundation for the future success of his marriage. God has hardwired the heart of a woman to be drawn to godly manhood like a magnet to iron. God’s design is glorious. Yes, a wife must overcome her sinful rebellious nature to be welcoming to her husbands’ leadership; but it is far easier for her when she is more attracted to him. Godly manhood attracts a godly woman! God has designed the complementary roles of husband and wife in marriage. When such biblical roles are ignored or not understood, making marriage work is much more difficult. The divorce rate, even among Christians, is very high.

5.  Because they have inherited Adam’s sinful passivity, when it comes to spiritual leadership. Adam should have protected the garden paradise and Eve from the serpent’s deadly attacks. He was standing next to Eve, when Satan convinced her to sin. All humans have inherited Adam’s sinful nature. Part of that for males is remaining passive—not leading and protecting our wives and children. After all, we men know we all married up. Our wives are more spiritual, more godly, and more in touch with the kid’s needs than we are. But Eve is not provided for Adam to REPLACE his leadership but to ASSIST his leadership.

6.  Because God is glorified by his design of male and female to complete each other.  Genesis 1:27 tells us that God chose to design mankind as the union of male and female to reflect his own nature (a triune God who exists as three persons who love each other.) “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Behind the culture’s desire to eliminate gender differences and roles is nothing less than an attempt by Satan, who hates God, to mar the glorious image of God himself in the complementary design of humans as male and female. We must stop being on the defensive and celebrate God’s glorious design!

7. Because doubts about his own gender identity expose him to the influence of destructive lifestyles. The messages bombarding our rising sons and grandsons is that if they don’t fit their own stereotype of masculinity, they might be gay or transgender.  As our sons leave for college, they can expect to hear the message on today’s campuses, “You don’t know if your sexual identity is homosexual or heterosexual until you try both homosexual sex and heterosexual sex.” God has designed our sexual nature so that whatever pathway you go down with your sexuality has enormous “locking” power causing you to crave the same kind of sexual experience (which is why guys addicted to porn in their single years return to it even after marriage when they are experiencing the real thing.) In today’s world, boys confused about their gender are at serious risk!

In a world that is deconstructing the biblical truth that God made them male and female, be sure your sons, grandsons, and the boys of your church are being called to godly masculinity! Love for them requires nothing less.