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Pleasing the Master in 2018

Jesus' highest priority for his followers is revealed in his command, "Seek first the kingdom of God." But most Christians are not obeying this command because they have only a very fuzzy understanding of the term, "kingdom of God." This article explains this term in such a practical way that men know how to stay focused on Christ's mission for them.

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A 2015 Goal You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

As we transition to the new year, perhaps you feel as I do. Looking backwards at the enormity of the blessing I have received from my God in 2014, I find myself wanting to move forward into 2015 in a way that says, “Thank you” to God…in a way that in some small way seeks to live a life that is worthy of my calling…in a way that expresses true gratefulness to my God and King. Is there a way to bring pleasure to the very God who has so richly lavished his love upon me? I think there is.

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Recovering Your Passion for Work

God wants his creation to be further developed. That is the teaching of Genesis 1:28 and this fact is what makes your vocation important to God.

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