Friday night/Saturday retreats or full weekend retreats are an excellent way to accomplish the two goals of men's ministry—helping men build deeper connects to disciplie one-another, and provide them practical biblical teaching related to their goals and struggles as men. Gary is a frequent men's retreat speaker and loves the venue for being with men. He always includes discussion questions with his messages to help men deepen their connections with one another. He can direct his talks according to the following retreat packages or can mix and match topics according to the needs of your men. He will also work closely with your church to capture the momentum of the retreat through a strategic follow-up plan.

Retreat Packages


Build men who are winning their spiritual battles because they no longer fight them alone

  • Why Christian men are often alone in their struggles
  • A fresh look at Jesus' call to disciple one another
  • Lessons from Jonathan and David
  • I’ve got your back

Follow-up Tool:  Forging Bonds of Brotherhood Small Group Study



Build men who understand and meet their wife's needs and are the spiritual leaders of their homes

  • Understanding what spiritual leadership is and isn’t
  • Four needs of a wife that only her husband can meet
  • Designing your own game plan for the home front

  Follow-up Tool:  Four Needs of A WifeThat Only Her Husband Can Meet



Build men who shape their lives according to  Christ’s mission for them

  • Overcoming the “driven” lifestyle
  • Staying focused on Christ’s priorities
  • Gaining fresh energy for our mission

Follow-up Tool:  FOCUS Notebook



Build men who have a passion and practical game plan for living out their calling from God TO BE MEN

  • A Man and His Mission—staying focussed on Christ's mission for us
  • A Man and His Lady—understanding the needs God wants us to sacrifice to meet.
  • A Man and His Brother—how to forge brotherhood bonds for mutual strengthening

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Follow-up Tool:  Allegiance Devotional



Build young men & men who are equipped to resist the pull of sexual temptation in their life-long battle with lust

  • Why is lust such a battle for men?
  • Escaping the slippery slope of Internet addiction
  • How grace changes our hearts empowering us for this battle
  • 7 grace-centered principles which empower men in their battle with lust

   (Special break-out session for husbands: “Solving the IntimacyMisconnect: Men Spell Intimacy SEX,Women spell It TALK”)

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Follow-up Tool:  Grace Transformed Sexuality Small Group Study