EQUIPS men to better understand from Scripture what their mission is

ENCOURAGES men because we fail so much

ENERGIZES men because our spiritual tank is often on “E”

EMPOWERS men to stay focused on honoring Christ with their lives

“I’m so excited about this new podcast because listening to podcasts is the way my generation gets all its information,” 24-yr-old passionate Christ-follower

The Mission Focused Men for Christ discipleship material was developed over 25 years in Gary Yagel’s life, taught to Marine Corps officers at Quantico through Officers Christian Fellowship, and shared in seminar form at the Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly and with thousands of Bible-believing men across the country. It is biblically based, grace-centered, kingdom-focused, application-oriented, and encouragement-driven. Best of all, it fits into men’s busy lives because it is right on their phones.

Dr. Gary Yagel is a former PCA church planter and senior pastor, the Executive Director of Forging Bonds of Brotherhood men’s ministry. He served with Man in the Mirror staff as a presenter of the No Man Left Behind seminar and over 10 years as his denomination’s Men’s Ministry Consultant. He is the author of Got Your Back, as well as Anchoring Your Child to God’s Truth in a Gender-Confused Culture (both available at Amazon) and has taught his seminary course, Making Missional Disciples as a guest professor at RTS DC.

The Mission Focused Men for Christ free, weekly podcast is available through these podcast directories: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts. You can also listen to it at Gary’s website: forgingbonds.org.


How to Stay Focused on Christ’s Mission for Us

  • The Right Mission Energizes Men  Episode #2  11/17/19
  • How Jesus Coped With a Crazy Busy Life  Episode #3  11/24/19
  • Called to Godly Manhood in a Gender-Confused Culture  Episode #4  12/1/19
  • Our Mission Matters Because of Who is Sending Us  Episode #5  12/8/19
  • Better Understanding Our Mission By Better Understanding Our Master  Episode #6  2/15/19
  • Without Understanding Christ’s Kingdom, You Can’t Understand Your Mission  Episode #7 12/22/19

Ruling Over Our Sexuality For God’s Glory 

  • Understanding Our Sex Drive Helps Us Fight for Purity  Episode #12  1/26/20
  • Sharpening Our Understanding of Sin’s Corruption of Sex  Episode #13  2/2/20
  • Directing Our Heart Passions to Defeat Lust  Episode #14  2/9/20
  • Protecting Our Heart From the Enticement of Sexual Sin  Episode #15  2/16/20

Becoming Great Dads Who Discipline Their Kids Well

  • Fatherhood Is Irreplaceable in God’s Design of Humans  Episode #32    6/14/20
  • Responding to the Argument that the Bible Teaches Patriarchy  Episode #33   6/21/20
  • The Right Use of Authority to Punish Evil  Episode #34   6/28/20
  • Kids Don’t Have It In them to Grow THEMSELVES Up  Episode #35    7/5/20
  • Raising Kids Up in the Way They Should Go  Episode #36     7/12/20 

Making a Difference for Christ in the Workplace

  • Understanding Christ’s Call to the Workplace Adds Meaning to Work  Episode #16  2/23/20
  • Overcoming the Impact of the Fall Upon Our Work  Episode #17  3/1/20
  • Maximizing Your Influence For Christ With Your Coworkers  Episode #18 3/8/20

Becoming More Like Jesus: Beatitudes 1-4

  • The Foundational Requirement for Kingdom Living  Episode #8 12/29/19
  • Cultivating a Heart Like Jesus Had Episode #9  1/5/20
  • Meekness: A Widely Misunderstood Requirement of Christ-followers  Episode  #10  1/12/20
  • The Right Kind of Ambition  Episode #11  1/19/20

Fighting for Our Loved Ones: How to Use Our Spiritual Weapons

  • How to Fasten the Belt of Truth for Spiritual Battle  Episode #24  4/19/20
  • How the Breastplate of Righteousness Protects Us  Episode #25  4/26/20

Helping Our Daughters Flourish

  • Required Today for Raising Godly, Confident, Daughters  Episode #26  5/3/20
  • The Harm of OVERVALUING or UNDERVALUING motherhood  Episode #27  5/10/20
  • Two Requirements of Dads for Daughters to Flourish  Episode #28  5/17/20

Treasuring Christ More So We Love Sin Less

  • Loving the God of Majesty Who Rules Over the Corona Virus  Episode #20  3/22/20
  • Christ’s Compassion: Godly Men Need It and Demonstrate It  Episode #21  3/29/20
  • Coming Alive to God’s Jealous Love for Us  Episode #30  5/31/20
  • Why Enjoying God Is So Important and How to Do It  Episode #40  8/9/20

How Your Leadership Can Have Impact—At Home & Elsewhere          

  • Leading So We Impact Others For Christ  Episode #37  7/19/20
  • Maximizing Our Impact In Leading Others  Episode #38  7/25/20
  • The Most Neglected Step of Leadership Episode #39  8/2/20

Examining God’s Design of the Heart Passions That Drive Men

  • The Hunger of the Masculine Heart for Approval: A King to Honor  Episode #41  8/16/20
  • The Hunger of the Masculine Heart for Impact: A Sphere to Impact  Episode #42  8/23/20
  • Called to Be Fierce Protectors and Warriors: A Battle to Fight  Episode #43  8/30/20
  • God’s Design for Fulfilling Romance: A Beauty to Love  Episode # 44  9/6/20
  • Building a Strategic Friendship: A Brother to Labor and Fight Beside  Episode #45  9/13/20
  • A Hunger for Impact that Outlives Them: A Heritage to Pass On  Episode #46  9/20/20

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