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Here are some thoughts about following Christ as men. You can use the Categories tab to find blog articles on various topics.

Jesus’ Command—BE WATCHFUL not ASLEEP

This episode answers the question, "what should Christian men do about the explosion of radical gender ideology in the youth culture?

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A Costly Investment that Pays Great Dividends

What do you think of the statement, God never intended a Christian man to fight his spiritual battles alone? Could that statement be true? And if it is, could Satan be constantly defeating Christian men today because it is so hard to get them connected to a few brothers to help them fight their spiritual battles? These are the questions this episode examines, as well as a strategy for getting men out of isolation that is working in thousands of men’s lives right now.

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Using the Spiritual Weapon Satan Most Fears

In his wisdom, God has ordained one, primary offensive weapon that overthrows the kingdom of darkness: prayer. Jesus said to Peter, “Satan has demanded to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you “(Luke 22:31-32). Could it be that we and are loved ones are losing spiritual battles because we’re not really fighting those battles through prayer, as Jesus wants us to? The next two episodes study what Jesus specifically told us are The Six Basic Parts of Prayer.

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