Our Mission

The mission of Forging Bonds of Brotherhood is to help churches win the battle for the souls of men. We help churches build disciple-making ministries to men in three primary ways:

--By providing a speaker for men’s ministry events such as breakfasts, dinners, seminars, and retreats, as well as unique printed materials for Christian men.

--By providing the tools men need to get connected and become a true band of brothers in the spiritual battle.

--By providing coaching to assist churches to build effective, sustainable, disciple-making ministries for men.

Our Effectiveness

“Gary, as always, AWESOME! Thanks for saving my marriage, making me a better man, father, husband, leader, Christian, and equipping me for bringing the message to others.”  Marine in Afghanistan

“God used you to turn my husband’s life completely around. He is now a Spirit-filled Christian. It all happened at the Great Dads Seminar you led. THANK YOU SO MUCH.”  The wife of a man who attended the Great Dads seminar.

“Thanks for all the material in the FOCUS notebook. The material on marriage is helping my wife and I understand each other better. This is humorous but she picked up some of your materials that talked about the male sex drive, and it really opened her eyes. I’m a little bit happier now in that respect…”A Happy Husband

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To Donate

Family Builders, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non- profit ministry, gifts to whom are fully tax deductible.

If you would like to support our ministry by writing a check, make it to: Family Builders, Inc., and send it to 18211 Bluebell Lane, Olney, MD  20832

If you would like to support our ministry through an online donation through your credit card or PayPal, click the donate button.