Does your church have an effective discipleship process for all the men in your church and community?

If not, don’t miss this training to build an effective discipleship ministry for men in your church.  Over 200 leaders in 6 different geographical regions have received this pca-approved training taught by Gary! 

Seminar Content:

Twenty years of ministry experience and research by three PCA leaders, Pat Morley, David Delk, and Brett Clemmer inspired the creation of “Reaching Every Man—Introducing A Strategyfor Men’s Ministry to Leave No Man Behind.”Based on the book, No Man Left Behind, this, dynamic, encouraging training will inspire your men to:

  • Build a strong ministry to your men, which moves them down the discipleship path.
  • Design events that reach the men not already involved.
  • Help men develop deeper friendships so they are not alone in their spiritual battles.
  • Get men to take advantage of the already existing programs in your church.
  • Shape your ministry to men so that it changes their hearts, not just their behavior.

Seminar Details:

Time Commitment: The 4 hour training is usually held on Saturday mornings from 8:30-12:30

Cost:   $38/man, which includes a conference notebook.
            $28/man in groups of 4 or more, also including a conference notebook.

Your Church or Presbytery Can Host This Training:

All that is normally required is for a large church or several churches to work together for a minimum of 25 paid registrations. If you’re interested, we’ll help you find additional churches to partner with you. For further information contact Gary Yagel at 301.570.5097

These Principles Work!

“We’ve been implementing the principles taught in the Reaching Every Man seminar for several years. Our men’s ministry is now having such an impact on the men that the women’s ministry leaders came to us and asked for our advice. Jim Blair, Covenant Pres. Harrisonburg, VA.

“Gary Yagel has been helping us implement the principles from the Reaching Every Man seminar and it has made a huge impact in the effectiveness of our men’s ministry.”  TE Tucker York, Westminster Pres. Lancaster, PA

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