Could your men use some fresh inspiration in their pursuit of godly manhood?  Then invite Gary to speak on one of these topics!

“Your Wife’s Feminine Heart: What Does She Really Need?” Loving our bride as Christ loves his means sacrificing to meet her needs. But, what does she need?  This talk gives husbands and future husbands a clear understanding of what God designed her feminine heart to need from them.

“Three Obstacles to Winning at Home.” Leadership success at home is based on the quality of a man’s relationships with his wife and children. This talk focuses on overcoming the obstacles that hinder close relationships at home, including men’s problems with anger.

“True Masculinity.”  All men want to be masculine, so we and our sons will gravitate towards what we believe is true masculinity. But do we get that definition from the world or from Scripture? This talk examines Jesus as the ultimate example of what redeemed masculinity looks like.

“Seven Keys to Excellence At Work.” Men are created to be workers. The primary place where a man lives out his calling and brings glory to God is at work. This talk inspires men with a fresh vision of the importance of their work and how excellence at work is profoundly honoring to God.

“I’ve Got Your Back.” Nineteen out of twenty Christian men have no best friend. Satan is having a heyday attacking isolated men who are fighting their spiritual battles alone. This talk inspires men to become a true band of brothers.

“Focused Manhood.” Men are made for mission. They want to live for Christ and follow his priorities, but their lives often feel out of control. This talk gives a clear definition of our mission as Christ-followers and looks at the example of Jesus, who shaped his life by staying focused on his mission.

“A Cause Worth Dying For.”  Men have a deep capacity for loyalty to their commanding officer. This talk provides men with fresh inspiration to love Christ with all their heart and give their fullest allegiance to the High King of Heaven.

These talks work very well with a weekend barbeque, a weeknight meal on the way home from work, or a Saturday men’s breakfast. Gary will help you with the format that works best for you. Email him,