Past Speaking Engagements

Got Your Back:  Helping the Men of Cross Community to Be Brothers

Seminar at Cross Community Church in Rockville, MD to challenge the men with the idea that God never intended them to fight their spiritual battles alone.

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Iron Sharpens Iron Conference, Clearwater, FL Seminar: Solving the Intimacy Misconnect

Iron Sharpens Iron Seminar: In the Battle for Sexual Purity, the Bible says the Best Defense Is a Great Offense: But how do you make that true in your marriage?

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Leading Our Families Well In a Gender-confused World ISI Seminar Clearwater, FL

No man wants to fail his kids. This seminar helps dad's understand the gender-confused world his children are growing up in, how the biblical worldview clashes with today's culture, and how to help his son or daughter grow into the godly man or woman God created your child to be.

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