FOCUS Notebook

Feeling pulled in countless different directions by their pressing responsibilities, men today are searching for some way to bring about order in their personal and family lives. The Focus Notebook is the perfect tool.

This notebook is broken into 10 sections that correspond to each area of a man's Biblical mission. Each section includes relevant Scripture verses, great practical insights, and pages designed to enable men to work out their game plan for that section. This tool is designed to be used for a weekly review of his mission, to actually study biblical texts that relate to his mission, and to work out specific goals to accomplish Christ's mission for him in each sphere of his life. This tool is what men need to stay FOCUSED on their mission.

The notebook comes with a CD, which is the Word file of the entire content of the notebook. That way you can copy the biblical content, and personal planning tools into your own personal organizational system. 

"Gary, the FOCUS notebook is a fantastic tool to help men be faithful to their calling.  If we could just get this tool into the hands of every Christian man in America we would see a revival."   Stacy Rawlings, Men's Ministry Leader, Lancaster, PA

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