Boys to Men: A Five Week Father/Son Study on GODLY MANHOOD

 A Five Week Father/Son Study Of Godly Manhood For Boys Aged 11-15

Every healthy Christian boy wants to be masculine; so why not build on that motivation to steer him towars godly manhood?  This tool is designed for strategic dads who want to build on a boy’s natural desire to be masculine to help him see that the best, most satisfying way to fulfill that desire is an uncompromising allegiance to Jesus Christ. It is also designed for dad's to use to help their sons who don't fit the masculine stereotype understand true masculnity and receive their fathers' affirmation of their masculine identity. This is especially important in a culture that will tell your tender-hearted, sensitive, artsy son, that he needs to question his sexual orientation. This study will help your son:

  • Form a biblical view of manhood
  • Commit to godliness in his male/female relationships
  • See Jesus as the model of true manhood
  • Form a deeper bond with you, his father

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