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Are We Responding to Our Culture’s Attack on Marriage the Right Way?

The rejection of God’s design for sexuality seems like a runaway freight train, out of control, picking up steam, destroying the fabric of American culture. Our natural response is despair, depression, anger, hostility towards the LGBT movement. Sometimes, on the positive side, it leads me to more prayer for our country and a renewed commitment to speak out and to vote. What this runaway train does NOT lead me to do, though it should, is REALIZE THAT THE ONLY PEOPLE ON PLANET EARTH CAPABLE OF SHOWING THE WORLD WHAT MARRIAGE AND SEXUALITY WERE DESIGNED TO BE ARE CHRIST-FOLLOWERS. In light of this culture's spiritual attack on marriage and God's creation design of male and female, this article challenges Christian men to rekindle a passion to show the world the glory of God's complementary design of male and female in marriage.

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Something God Designed a Wife’s Heart to Need

Every Christian man wants to love his wife well. But what does that look like? It is a surprise to many men that Proverbs 31:28-31 gives us a very clear picture of one of the things husbands need to pour into their wife's heart. This article explains what that is.

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Thinking Biblically About the Fifty Shades of Grey Cultural Phenomenon

The movie and written versions of Fifty Shades of Grey have set such huge sales records that they have become a modern-day cultural phenomenon that Christian’s need to understand. This article does not discuss the lurid details of this work. To the contrary, what we see around the edges of this story is reason enough to avoid viewing this sordid tale, which confuses the immoral, abusive treatment of a college coed by a rich narcissistic, depraved man—with romance. But what does the popularity of FSG mean?

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