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Thinking Biblically About the Fifty Shades of Grey Cultural Phenomenon

The movie and written versions of Fifty Shades of Grey have set such huge sales records that they have become a modern-day cultural phenomenon that Christian’s need to understand. This article does not discuss the lurid details of this work. To the contrary, what we see around the edges of this story is reason enough to avoid viewing this sordid tale, which confuses the immoral, abusive treatment of a college coed by a rich narcissistic, depraved man—with romance. But what does the popularity of FSG mean?

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Jesus and Male Aggression: Meekness Confronts Manhood

A man's anger usually wounds his loved ones and makes it harder for them to follow his leadership. The path to godly manhood requires replacing our selfish anger with the inner attitude of meekness. But "meekness" is a very misunderstood word. Jesus models meekness but still drives the sheep sellers and money changers from the temple with a whip. True meekness is not spineless subservience, timidity, or weakness, but in fact means "strength under control." This article explains how to cultivate the true meekness that overcomes selfish anger.

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Radical Manhood

Jesus has come into the world to make all things new—beginning with us! In Matt 5-7 Jesus challenges us, as members of the new humanity, to exhibit the upside-down values of his kingdom, which contrast radically with worldly masculinity. Jesus begins with the most foundational heart attitude of his kingdom people, being "poor in spirit."

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