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How the Helmet of Salvation Protects Us in Spiritual Battle

This article explains how understanding the 3 tenses of salvation helps us put on the helmet of salvation. We HAVE BEEN SAVED from the PENALTY of PAST sin, are BEING SAVED from the POWER of sin right now, and WILL BE SAVED from the PRESENCE of sin, when Christ returns. This article examines how all three aspects of this salvation happen only by grace alone, through Christ alone. This article explains how this truth protects us from destructive thoughts in 6 ways

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Prayer That Defeats Evil

Every guy who reads this blog would stand at the door of his house with a shotgun to protect his family physically. But most Christian men feel inept and inadequate at fighting to protect them, spiritually. As we saw last week, Jesus told his disciples the ultimate weapon for defeating Satan is prayer. But if we are going to use this weapon effectively in spiritual battle, we need to understand it. This episode continues our study of what Jesus taught are the six basic parts of effective prayer, in Matt 6:9-13

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Using the Spiritual Weapon Satan Most Fears

In his wisdom, God has ordained one, primary offensive weapon that overthrows the kingdom of darkness: prayer. Jesus said to Peter, “Satan has demanded to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you “(Luke 22:31-32). Could it be that we and are loved ones are losing spiritual battles because we’re not really fighting those battles through prayer, as Jesus wants us to? The next two episodes study what Jesus specifically told us are The Six Basic Parts of Prayer.

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