Biblical Principles Applied

Here are some thoughts about following Christ as men. You can use the Categories tab to find blog articles on various topics.


This podcast series seeks to replace any mistaken ideas we might have about Jesus with the most accurate picture we can from Scripture. We begin with the COMPELLING nature of Jesus’ presence.

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Gender Affirming Care UNMASKED

This article explains how last month's unmasking of The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) by a whistle blower's release of internal documents proves that WPATH’s “transgender medicine guidelines” had no basis in actual science and violates the most basic medical guidelines for patient care.

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The Power of the Resurrection Worldview

The resurrection worldview is an essential biblical concept for Christians; it is the foundation for the three specific truths that Paul repeatedly asks for God to help the Ephesian Christians grasp. This episode examines these three life-changing PERSPECTIVES.

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