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SPIRITUAL POWER SHORTAGE: Are You and Your Loved Ones Experiencing It?

Why don't we see the kind of impact today that we see in the New Testament book of Acts? This article answers that question and provides great practical insight for prayer that gets results.

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Is the Age of John Wayne Christianity Coming to A Close?

This blog examines two conflicting trends among men today. Nineteen out of twenty Christian men have no best friend. Yet there are three reasons to be hopeful that the rising generation of men sees the need to build relationships with some brothers for encouragement and soul sharpening.

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A 2015 Goal You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

As we transition to the new year, perhaps you feel as I do. Looking backwards at the enormity of the blessing I have received from my God in 2014, I find myself wanting to move forward into 2015 in a way that says, “Thank you” to God…in a way that in some small way seeks to live a life that is worthy of my calling…in a way that expresses true gratefulness to my God and King. Is there a way to bring pleasure to the very God who has so richly lavished his love upon me? I think there is.

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