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Thinking Biblically About the Fifty Shades of Grey Cultural Phenomenon

The movie and written versions of Fifty Shades of Grey have set such huge sales records that they have become a modern-day cultural phenomenon that Christian’s need to understand. This article does not discuss the lurid details of this work. To the contrary, what we see around the edges of this story is reason enough to avoid viewing this sordid tale, which confuses the immoral, abusive treatment of a college coed by a rich narcissistic, depraved man—with romance. But what does the popularity of FSG mean?

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The Same Sex Marriage Debate

Men are created to be warriors and Christian men are called to battle for truth in our culture, causing the light of God’s truth to shine on contemporary issues. Here are a few thoughts about the battle over the definition of marriage.

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What Makes a Wife Feel Loved

Our master commanded us, "Love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her." The Greek word used here for love is "agape." This word means "to sacrifice whatever is necessary to meet the needs of another." The question is, according to God's design, what are the needs of a wife, that God intends a husband to meet. May I suggest that one of the needs is to feel loved.

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