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Helping Teens Think Biblically About Gender Confusion Without Becoming Anti-Gay

In every generation, Christian fathers are called to protect their children from being shaped by the ungodly parts of the culture that seek to squeeze them into its mold, while at the same time, equipping their children to show Christ and his light to the world around them. In 2016, the subject of gender identity, gender roles, and sexual orientation are on nearly every teen’s front burner—and I don’t believe most dads are giving them the guidance they need. This article provides 5 tips to help our teens think biblically about gender confusion without becoming anti-gay.

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Thinking Biblically About the Fifty Shades of Grey Cultural Phenomenon

The movie and written versions of Fifty Shades of Grey have set such huge sales records that they have become a modern-day cultural phenomenon that Christian’s need to understand. This article does not discuss the lurid details of this work. To the contrary, what we see around the edges of this story is reason enough to avoid viewing this sordid tale, which confuses the immoral, abusive treatment of a college coed by a rich narcissistic, depraved man—with romance. But what does the popularity of FSG mean?

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Self-Loathing Shame From Porn

Some approaches to battling for sexual purity can send men into deeper despair and isolation. Dr. William Struthers, observes that one of the most frequent responses of a conscience seared by repeated pornography is “to turn against itself and plunge into the despair of self-loathing and unhealthy shame." This article presents the principles or establishing the ministry in the local church that doesn't shame them or drive them further into isolation, but encourages them and empowers them in their battle with sexual lust.

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